About Australian GT


To run a professional and sustainable national championship designed for all levels of drivers, focused on the competitors, series partners and audience.  Base the management on sound business principles that ensure long term stability.  Adopt internationally recognised and approved standards and strive to maintain fair and consistent competition.

Australian GT’s aim is to provide an arena and atmosphere that gives all competitors a high level of competitive satisfaction and personal enjoyment that promotes a desire to participate and attracts new competitors. Camaraderie both on and off the track is a renown characteristic of Australian GT and a major part of the appeal of the category.

Australian GT is actively diligent in consulting its competitor and stakeholder base in regards to major decisions before taking action, this approach has assisted in the continued the growth and the success of the category whilst protecting the considerable investment made by our competitors.


Australian GT is designed for Privateer drivers.

Australian GT is not aimed at the seeded or professional drivers and is not a development series for young talent or those trying to forge a career.

Australian GT at its sole discretion may accept a limited number of seeded and master drivers for the season except for 2 driver events where a privateer driver can pair up with a master or seeded driver.

The strict and successful parity system works to ensure that no driver or car has an advantage and are all competing on equal terms so that every car in their respective division has the chance to win.

Division System

There are 4 divisions (Classes) within the Australian GT Championship.

Each division has their own branding, round trophies and outright trophies.

  • GT Championship is for FIA GT3 specification vehicles.
  • GT Trophy has been included for older specification FIA GT3 vehicles
  • GT Challenge caters for cars that no longer fit within the GT Championship and Challenge division’s
  • GT Sports – a new class aiming to accommodate GT4 specification cars